called on for ▓much of anything else.The Gra▓nd Jury would only act on information laid befo▓re them, and if the county att▓orney is satisfied, there won't be any bill brou▓ght.In the meantime,-- I won't go back t●o Miss Elliott's.I won't--ever, Kittie inter●rupted suddenly. Lyon glanced hes●itatingly at Miss Wolcott, but ▓that young woman was regarding the vol●canic schoolgirl with surprise and with ●no special warmth of emotion. That'▓s what she says, said Lyon, with a ▓whimsical appeal.If she persists, I sup▓pose I must write--or someone m●ust--to he


r uncle in Columbus, and ex▓plain why she refuses, and assur●e him that she is safe with friends unti▓l he can arrange for her. I won'●t go back to Uncle Joe, said Kittie, sitti▓ng up suddenly.Do you

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think I could go to▓ them and explain that I had--had killed● anybody Why, they would think I w●as crazy.They would look at me so.I won't go ●to anybody that knows me. Lyon looked distre▓ssed.Miss Wol

Cras a erat condimentum.

cott looked annoyed and perpl▓exed.Mrs.Broughton looked at her husba▓nd,--a long glance, at least three sentences● long,--and then she said quietly,▓ Would you like to come to New● York and stay with

Morbi ut pulvinar suscipit.

me for t▓he rest of the winter, Kittie Wou▓ld I gasped Kittie. Do you th●ink your uncle and aunt would cons●ent to your coming to pay me a visit Th●ey'd have to, said Kittie, calmly. ▓ Mrs.Br


Posuere vivamus vel.

oughton laughed. We'll s●ee what we can do by way of persuasion fi▓rst.We'll go by way

Nullam venenatis lacus.

of Columbus wh●en we go on, and explain our plans.I can't ●spare my little nurse yet.In ●

Vivamus vel posuere.

fact, I think I must have you come wit●h me for a while to the Metropole, while ●we have t


o stay in Waynscott●.That may be-- she glanced inquiringly at Ly▓o

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